Season 2 is Here! 

Season 2 of Any Given Runway begins on January 1st, 2021. 

The Any Given Runway Podcast explores new cultures through travel. Hosted by Randell Carlton Green, the show provides helpful information from the travel and tourism world, while celebrating the exploration of new cultures. 

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Some of the past guests of the show:

391. William Lee Martin🇺🇸

390. Alice Bellini 🇮🇹

389. Zita Silva 🇵🇹

388. Adam Steffens 🇺🇸

387. Avital Andrews 🇺🇸


385. & 386. Leslie Durso 🇺🇸


384. Thomas Brown 🇺🇸


382. & 383.  Luke Kenyon 🇦🇺



381. Alexcina Brown 🇺🇸


380. Derrick Pernell 🇺🇸


379. Leslie Shimotakahara 🇯🇵


378. Stephen Johnstone 🇬🇧 


377. Amy Haas 🇺🇸


376. Mary Elizabeth Bowden 🇺🇸


375. Amelia Dalton 🇬🇧


374. Karen Schroeder 🇺🇸


373. Emily Stokes 🇬🇧


372. Charles Salzberg 🇺🇸


371. Darley Newman 🇺🇸


370. Ilaria Cusinato 🇮🇹


369. Mihaela Hogaș 🇷🇴


368. Hannah Miley 🇬🇧 


367. Anthony Moore 🇺🇸


366. Cameron Hughes 🇺🇸


365. Tony Kelly 🇬🇧

364. Devin Mallory 🇺🇸


363. Benjamin Hochman 🇺🇸


362. Lt Col Waldo Waldman 🇺🇸


361. Jamie Leibert & Sandra Zinovyev 🇺🇸


360. John Timmins 🇺🇸


359. Sam Holmes 🇺🇸

358. Kate Broug 🇳🇱 


357. Maria Costello 🇬🇧


356. Cat Withers 🇬🇧


355. Lauren Smith 🇬🇧


354. Kimberley Woods 🇬🇧


353. Jess Agostino 🇺🇸


352. Julia de Barcelos 🇧🇷


351. Seonaid McIntosh 🇬🇧


350. David Smith 🇬🇧


349. Vernon Deck 🇳🇿


348. Erin Teschuk 🇨🇦


347. Jack Kelly 🇺🇸


346. Priscilla Loomis 🇺🇸


345. Gabby Lout 🇺🇸


344. Simon Pridmore 🇬🇧


343. Keira McVitty 🇬🇧


342. Matt Buechele 🇺🇸


340. & 341. Chelsea Yang 🇨🇦


339. Brian Chontosh 🇺🇸


338. Bre Smith 🇺🇸


337. Hope Bolinger 🇺🇸

336. Gulwali Passarlay🇦🇫


335. Sophie Green 🇬🇧


334. Alice Bellini 🇮🇹


333. Anna Minami 🇯🇵


332. Rachael Westbrook 🇬🇧


331. Jamie Mocrazy 🇺🇸


330. Matt Stagmer 🇺🇸


329. Ashley Gann 🇺🇸


328. Corinna Cooke 🇳🇿


327. Renata Garcia 🇲🇽


326. Willow River Tonkin 🇲🇺


325. Nathassia Devine 🇳🇱


324. Stefanie Johnson 🇺🇸

323. Nataliya Kononenko 🇺🇦


322. Nick Zimmerman 🇺🇸


321. TheArthur Duncan II, Esq 🇺🇸


320. Tiphanie McNiff 🇺🇸


319. Elizabeth Swaney 🇺🇸


318. Tony Myshlyaev 🇺🇦


317. Justin Lee 🇺🇸


316. Erik Stephansen 🇺🇸

315. Omid Namazi 🇮🇷


314. James Carter 🇺🇸


313. Chelsea Yang 🇨🇦


312. Coach Kenny Simpson 🇺🇸


311. David Wohlfeil 🇺🇸


310. Andrea Miller 🇨🇦


309. Nicole Majdali 🇺🇸


308. Tim Shropshire 🇺🇸


307. Ineta Mackevica 🇱🇻


306. Derek Drouin 🇨🇦 – High Jumper


305. Nathan Harrington🇺🇸 – Singer & Actor-  Spotify Apple


304. Grace Dafoe 🇨🇦 – Canadian Skeleton Athlete – Spotify Apple


303. Thom Shea🇺🇸 – Navy Seal & Author – Spotify Apple


302. Adewale Awosanya 🇳🇬 Personal Trainer – www.walefit.com – Spotify Apple


301. Avital Andrews 🇺🇸  Writer – www.avitalandrews.com –  Spotify Apple



Guests of the show are captivating, creative & tenacious individuals who love to live, seek out new challenges, & are afraid of being average. Some of Any Given Runway’s guests include:

  • 1 Pulitzer Prize Winner
  • 2 New York Times Bestselling Authors
  • 2 International Pilot
  • Professional Skydiver, Stunt Pilot,  Cliff Diver, Circus Performer
  • 31 Olympians, 2 Paralympian
  • 6 NFL Pro Bowl Selections
  • World renowned concert pianists, bassists & cellists
  • Professional Athletes: Squash, International Football,Baseball, Basketball, MMA, cricket, softball, tennis, field & ice hockey
  • Directors & performers from Broadway & The West End in London
  • Film director & writer
  • Citizens from 12 countries
  • 3 Voice over actors
  • 1 Ranch Dressing connoisseur 
  • 1 Backflipped over Amsterdam Canal
  • 1 featured on stamp
  • 5 Military veterans
  • 2 air traffic controllers, 1 flight safety investigator
  • 3 professional auto racers
  • 3 collegiate sports coaches
  • International Opera Soprano
  • International Ambassador
  • Fashion Stylist

Any Given Runway’s guests have combined:

  • 144 books written, 915 audiobooks recorded
  • 3 Guinness World Records
  • 2 Performances with Metallica
  • Over 51 Olympic Games, 3 Paralympic Games, 4 Invictus Games, 1 X-Games. 
  • 1 World Series Champion
  • 1 Gubernatorial Candidate
  • 10 Olympic Gold Medals, 16 Silver Medals & 20 Bronze 
  • 150 total countries visited
  • 1 NCAA Wrestling Championship
  • 1 Red Bull Air Race Champion
  • 12 half marathons ran, 250 full marathons & 76 ultra-marathons
  • 3 Triathlons
  • 4 Carnegie Hall performances
  • 7 Everest attempts, 3 Summit
  • 4 OBE recipients
  • 14 graduate degrees
  • 3 USWNT Caps
  • 30 fights in the UFC, One Hall of Fame member
  • 41 Countries represented
  • 2 Rowed across Atlantic Ocean
  • Walked across the Sahara
  • 1 Top Fuel NHRA Championship
  • Walked 1,000 miles across Gobi Desert
  • Walked 700 miles barefoot
  • Yellow Jersey in Tour de France
  • 2 Emmy Awards
  • Ran 92 English Soccer Grounds
  • Member of World Rugby Hall of Fame
  • Member of UFC Hall of Fame
  • 2 Emmy Nominations
  • 1 Community Founder

Available on Spotify Apple

274. Rodeo Champion Shawn Best II 🇺🇸, chats about his tumultuous year. Shawn’s competitions were canceled, and wildfire raged through his community. Spotify Apple
272. John Timmins 🇺🇸 rejoins the show to reflect on the year. John is a professional baseball player in the San Fransisco Giants organization, and he chats about the difficulties of having his season canceled, and how he sought out new opportunities to learn & be creative. Spotify Apple
271. Author & actor Gordon Griffin 🇬🇧 returns to the show to chat about the emotional ups and downs of 2020. Gordon also talks about his newest book, Speaking Volumes. www.gordongriffin.com Spotify Apple
260. Traveler & Adventurer Tom Stivason 🇺🇸 chats about the challenging year, as well his emotions participating in the 2019 Running of the Bulls in Pamplona, Spain. Spotify Apple
259. Cathrin Machin 🇬🇧 specializes in space art, and has become one of the leading contemporary artists in Australia. Cathrin chats about how she synthesizes science and art, as well as the importance of stargazing. www.catmachin.com, Spotify Apple
258. Hailing from Trinidad & Tobago, Tonya Nero 🇹🇹 holds several national records in endurance races. Tonya chats about her running career, and some of her favorite locations of her home. Spotify Apple
256. Jamaican footballer Khari Stephenson 🇯🇲 chats about his international football career. Khari played professionally in both the United States & Sweden, and was a member of the Jamaican national team. Spotify Apple
255. Mexican judoka Lenia Ruvalcaba 🇲🇽 won a gold medal at the 2016 Paralympic Games. Lenia chats about her experiences in judo, as well as what tourist can expect when visiting Guadalajara. Spotify Apple
254. Sabrina Wisbiski 🇺🇸  is an ecology ambassador, who promotes sustainability and the importance of living a low-waste life. Spotify Apple
253. Viola Brand 🇩🇪 is a German Artistic Cycling champion. Viola, who recently performed on the Ellen show, chats about the unique details of her sport, and how she finds creativity while on the pedals. Spotify Apple
252. Jamaican Olympic Hurdler Janieve Russell 🇯🇲 chats about her experiences at the 2016 Olympics & how she adapted her 2020 training schedule. Spotify Apple
251. Zach Hall 🇺🇸 is the author of Don’t Sleep On Planes, and for many years was Baxter, the professional baseball mascot of the Arizona Diamondbacks. Spotify Apple 
Screen Shot 2020-11-09 at 4.56.39 PM
250. Jamaican sprinter Aleen Bailey 🇯🇲 was a member of the Gold Medal winning 4X1 team at the 2004 Olympics. Aleen chats about her time at South Carolina, as well as her unforgettable emotions during the 2004 games. Spotify Apple 
249. Corinna Cooke 🇳🇿 is a travel writer, and a maven for all things Italy. Corinna chats about her three travel books dedicated to Italian culture, and how one can be a sustainable traveler. www.corinnacooke.com Spotify Apple 
248. Dr. Mamy Vaziri 🇮🇷 is an Arizona-based physician & avid traveler. Mamy chats about the tumultuous year of working in the health care field and how he has evolved through the challenges. Spotify Apple
247. Professional dancer Gem Robin 🇺🇸 chats about her life as a performer. Gem reflects on her time at the Super Bowl and where she finds creativity. Spotify Apple
246. German Olympic Fencer Matyas Szabo 🇩🇪 chats about his unique life, the challenges of his sport and the unique pressures that come with having parents who are also Olympians. Spotify Apple
245. In 2016, Marcos Madrid 🇲🇽 represented Mexico in table tennis at the 2016 Olympics. Marcos is currently the number one ranked competitor from Mexico, and is in preparation for the 2021 Tokyo games. Spotify Apple
244. Toni-Ann Williams 🇯🇲 is the first Olympic gymnast in Jamaica’s athletic history. Toni-Ann chats about the 2016 games as well as her successful collegiate career at Cal. Spotify Apple
243. Laura Wilkinson🇺🇸 has represented the US in diving at three separate Olympic games, and won a gold in Sydney in 2000. Laura is currently attempting a comeback and has her sight set on her 4th games in Tokyo next summer. Spotify Apple
242. Argentinian Cece Carranza Saroli 🇦🇷 won a sailing gold medal at the 2016 Olympics. Cece chats about the grueling sailing seasons, and her Olympic experiences. Spotify Apple
Screen Shot 2020-11-09 at 5.02.07 PM
241. Arizonan Bri Bridge 🇺🇸chats about her life as a designer and where she finds creativity. www.bribridge.com Spotify Apple
240. Pola Henderson 🇵🇱 is the creator of Jetting Around Media, and has been a travel writer for over a decade. Pola chats about her writing career, and how growing up in a culturally diverse household shaped her life. www.jettingaround.com Spotify Apple
239. Brian Hathaway 🇺🇸 rejoins the show to discuss the harrowing experience of having his boat sink. Living full-time on the boat meant having to rebuild his life from nothing and Brian credits his friends and the benevolent boating community of California for helping him get back on track. Spotify Apple
Screen Shot 2020-11-08 at 4.13.50 PM
238. Representing Germany in the women’s K-4 500 metres, Steffi Kriegerstein 🇩🇪won a silver medal at the 2016 Olympics. Steffi chats about the physical & mental challenges of her sport, along with her memories of the Olympic games. Spotify Apple
237. Barbara Riveros 🇨🇱 is one of the top endurance athletes in the world. The Chilean Olympian chats about her training, and how she balances each discipline. Spotify Apple
Barbara Riveros
236. Summer Sanders 🇺🇸  is an American Actor, broadcaster & Olympic Swimming Champion. Summer chats about her excellent career in the pool, and her time in front of the camera as broadcaster & actor. Spotify Apple
235. Melanie McQuaid 🇨🇦 is a World Champion Triathlete from Canada. Melanie chats about her tremendous career, and the coaching resources that she provides. www.melaniemcquaid.com, Spotify Apple


234. Sarah Pavan 🇨🇦 is a professional volleyballer from Canada, and placed 5th in the 2016 Olympics. Sarah has played professional both indoors, and on the beach, and she shares he stories of volleyball & travel. Spotify Apple
233. Chemmy Alcott 🇬🇧 represented Great Britain at 4 separate Winter Olympics. Following her skiing career, Chemmy has been a broadcaster and philanthropist, and is often seeking out new adventures. www.chemmyalcott.com Spotify Apple
232. In 2010, Amy Joy Williams 🇬🇧 was the first British Winter Olympic Gold Medalist in 30 years. Amy chats about her experiences in skeleton, and her post-retirement experiences, including time as a rally racer. www.amywilliamspt.com, Spotify Apple
231. Canadian archer Virginie Chénier 🇨🇦 chats about life in her challenging sport. Virginie talks about the physical aspects of archery, as well as how she practices her focus & concentration. Spotify Apple
230. Gil Gillenwater 🇺🇸 is the founder of Rancho Feliz, which provides food, clothing and shelter to abandoned children along the Arizona-Mexico border. Since its inception in 1987, Rancho Feliz has invested over 10 million dollars to build homes, education & childcare centers. www.ranchofeliz.com Spotify Apple 
229. Martha Revuelta 🇲🇽 is a professional beach volleyball player from Mexico. Martha chats about her sport, and the preparation for the 2021 Olympics. Spotify Apple
228. Jeff Rueter 🇺🇸  is a a writer for the Athletic, focusing on the MLS & USL. Jeff chats about his writing genesis, and his most memorable sport experiences. Spotify Apple
227. Jeremy Abbott 🇺🇸 is a 2x Olympian, representing the US in the 2010 & 2014 games. Jeremy chats about planning choreography for his routines, the physical demands of his sport, and some of his favorite memories in travel. Spotify Apple
Sochi Olympics Figure Skating
Jeremy Abbott of the United States reacts after competing in the men’s short program figure skating competition at the Iceberg Skating Palace during the 2014 Winter Olympics, Thursday, Feb. 13, 2014, in Sochi, Russia. (AP Photo/Ivan Sekretarev)
226. Bridget Sloan 🇺🇸 is one of the most decorated gymnasts in US history. She won a team Silver Medal at the 2008 Olympics, an all-around gold at the 2009 World Championships, and an astounding 9 gold medals at the NCAA Championships. Spotify Apple
225. American Author Brett Shavers 🇺🇸 shares incredible stories from his adventurous life in law enforcement. www.brettshavers.com Spotify Apple
224. Leon McCarron 🇬🇧  is a filmmaker, author & adventurer from Northern Ireland. Leon chats about his newest book, The Land Beyond, which is now available in paperback. www.leonmccarron.com 
NEW leon
223. Sarah Rodriguez 🇺🇸 has a unique combination of interests, and is a writer, gamer & professional wrestler. Sarah chats about life in the ring, and how she finds creativity as a writer. Spotify Apple

222. Emmy Nominated writer Chase Mitchell 🇺🇸 joins the show. Chase is a gifted and creative writer known for The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, What Just Happened??! & Nikki & Sara Live. Spotify Apple


221. Houston native Brad Gilmore 🇺🇸 is the host of several sports talk shows, and recently published his first book, Back From The Future. Brad chats about the process of writing the book, Houston’s athlete Mount Rushmore & some of his favorite hip hop lyrics. www.backfromthefuturebook.com Spotify Apple

brad gilmore
220. C A Bhavani Devi 🇮🇳 is currently training for the 2021 Olympics in Fencing. The Indian athlete reflects on her beginnings in the sport, and chats about her preparation and routine for the day of a match. www.bhavanidevi.com Spotify Apple 
219. Chris Purchase 🇬🇧 is a British comedian & Writer, and hosts several weekly streaming shows. Chris chats about the emotional ups & downs that come with his career choice, and how he first started on stage. youtube.com/chrispurchase Spotify Apple
218. Surf Victorian 🇦🇸 has competed in several sports at the international level. Surf’s unique cultural background has allowed him to represent more than one country in international competitions. Spotify Apple
217. Scott Pingel 🇺🇸, the principal bassist with the San Fransisco Symphony, had a featured solo during the S&M2 concert with Metallica. The solo paid homage to the band’s late bassist, Cliff Burton. The solo performance has been one of the most impactful music moments of the year. Spotify Apple
216. Mirjam Jäger 🇨🇭is Swiss Skier, Model & Broadcaster. Mirjam competed at the 2014 Winter Olympics and won a silver medal at the 2008 X-games. In addition to her successful skiing career, Mirjam is a published model and sought after broadcaster. www.mirjamjaeger.com Spotify Apple
215. Kate Hallam 🇬🇧 is a British Adventurer who is constantly seeking out new challenges. Kate chats about her experiences in rock climbing as well as her voyage with Atlantic Endeavor, a four woman team who rowed across the Atlantic Ocean. www.katehallam.co.uk Spotify Apple
214. Greta Streimikyte 🇮🇪 is an Irish Paralympian competing in the 1500m. Greta finished 4th at the 2016 games in Rio and is currently training for the 2021 Tokyo Paralympics. Spotify Apple
213. Bree Schaaf 🇺🇸represented the United States in bobsled at the 2010 Olympics and in 2014, she was part of the NBC team covering the Sochi games. Currently, Bree is part of Global Athlete, a progressive movement aimed at inspiring athletes while driving change across the world of sport. www.globalathlete.org Spotify Apple 
212. Elizabeth Swaney 🇭🇺 represented Hungary at the 2018 Winter Olympics, but that accomplishment is only of many achievements. Elizabeth constantly seeks out new challenges, and has competed in fitness competitions, ran ultramarathons and has even ran for Governor! Spotify Apple
Screen Shot 2020-10-12 at 1.38.43 PM
211. Sophie Ibbotson 🇬🇧 is a writer & Uzbekistan Travel Ambassador for the UK. Sophie is the author of Bradt Guides Uzbekistan & founder of the tourism public relations company, Maximum Exposure. www.maximumexposure.co Spotify Apple
210. Bruce Grubbs 🇺🇸 is the author of several outdoors & hiking books that focus on the Western United States. As a pilot, Bruce provides small tours of the Grand Canyon. www.brucegrubbs.com Spotify Apple
209. Eric Larkin 🇺🇸had a dominating wrestling career at Arizona State University, capped off by an undefeated senior season in which he won the NCAA Title. Following his time as a wrestler and coach, Eric turned to education, where he is the founder of Valiant College Prep. www.azvcp.com Spotify Apple 
Screen Shot 2020-10-12 at 1.38.57 PM
208. Nathan Richardson 🇬🇧 is attempting to run to all 92 grounds of the teams in the English Professional football system. During Nathan’s journey, he will be raising money for the Super Joshua Wilson Brain Tumor charity as well as Mind, the Mental Health charity. www.nathrich.com Spotify Apple
Screen Shot 2020-10-12 at 1.39.09 PM
207. Canadian Al Charron 🇨🇦 is a member of the World Rugby Hall of Fame, and helped Canada reach the quarterfinals of the 1991 World Cup. Al chats about his storied career, some of his unforgettable experiences, and memorable locations he has traveled through rugby. Spotify Apple
Screen Shot 2020-10-12 at 1.38.35 PM

206. Don Frye 🇺🇸 UFC Hall of Fame member Don Frye joins the show. Don is a mixed martial arts legend and helped lay the foundation for the UFC empire. Don chats about his early years growing up in Arizona, his ascent into MMA, and some of the most memorable places he has traveled. SpotifyApple

205. John Brumbaugh 🇺🇸  is an American Pro Wrestler, better known as John Skyler. John chats about his physically demanding career, the feeling of being a part of WWE Smackdown, and where the ideas for his characters come from. Spotify Apple JohnSkyler
204. Dr. Kaye Whitehead 🇺🇸 is an associate professor at Loyola University Maryland in the Communication Department. She is the author of four books, and has also been nominated for several Emmys because of her work as a filmmaker. www.kayewisewhitehead.com Spotify Apple
203. Reza Pakravan 🇮🇷 is an explorer, filmmaker & writer, and has completed several incredible journeys. His documentaries have taken viewers to some of the most remote places in the world and his most recent book, Kapp to Cape, details his 11,000 mile trip from the Arctic Circle to Cape Town, South Africa. www.rezapakravan.com Spotify Apple

202. Chris Brannigan 🇬🇧 recently walked 700 miles barefoot across England to raise awareness & support for his daughter Hasti. Hasti has a rare genetic disease, Cornelia de Lange Syndrome (CdLS) had money raised from his walk will support research for the condition. www.hopeforhasti.org Spotify Apple


201. Ben Aldridge 🇬🇧 is the author of How To Be Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable, and consistently looks for challenges to test his own boundaries. Ben chats about the premise of the book, and how challenges have positively assisted his mental health. www.benaldridge.com Spotify AppleScreen Shot 2020-09-23 at 9.24.50 AM

200. Monique Dutton 🇺🇸 is the coach & choreographer for the Benedictine University Spirit Squad. Previously, she was a performer in four different professional sports leagues. Mo chats about her dance beginnings as well as the challenges of being a coach. Spotify Apple
199. Australian David Morris 🇦🇺 is a three time Olympian in freestyle aerial skiing. David chats about overcoming a severe injury, some of his favorite places to ski, and the challenges that come with writing a book. www.aerialskier.com Spotify Apple
198. Phumelela Mbande 🇿🇦 is the goalkeeper for the South African national field hockey team. Phumelela chats about how she trains, and her memories from participating in the World Cup. Spotify Apple
197. Vicky Carter 🇬🇧 is an accomplished broadcast journalist from England. Vicky chats about growing up in the Middle East and how she stays creative. Vicky also talks about her detailed bucket list, and some of the amazing goals that she has planned. www.vickyecarter.com Spotify Apple
196. Beau Dure 🇺🇸 is the author is several sports books, including “Why the U.S. Men Will Never Win The World Cup.” Beau chats about soccer’s emergence in America, and what it has been like covering several Olympic games. www.duresport.com Spotify Apple
195. Lauren Regula 🇨🇦 is one of the most dominant Canadians to ever play softball. Lauren chats about her legendary career at Oklahoma State and how she uses the Strong Mom Method to motivate others. www.trakathletics.com Spotify Apple
lauren regula
194. Canadian skeleton athlete Grace Dafoe 🇨🇦 talks about competing in her exciting sport. Grace also chats about the emotional & mental challenges that come with preparing for the Olympics during a pandemic. www.gracedafoe.ca Spotify Apple 
193. Avital Andrews 🇺🇸 writes for a variety of outlets and was previously an editor at the Los Angeles Times. Avital chats about her career and the work that went into her book, Frommer’s Napa & Sonoma Day by Day. Spotify Apple

192. Matteo Tagliarol 🇮🇹 represented Italy and won a gold medal in the men’s épée at the 2008 Summer Olympics. Matteo chats about the mindset needed for his sport, and he reminisces about his emotions while standing on top of the podium. Spotify Applematteo-tagliariol-556fefb9-b6f8-4b1a-8f04-f96d2c1d44a-resize-750 

191. Lauren Fendrick competed in Beach Volleyball at the 2016 Olympics. Lauren is currently a coach for the Stanford University Beach Volleyball team. She chats about her volleyball career and how she has stayed active during the unusual time. www.laurenfendrick.com, Spotify Apple
190. Ginny Hogan  🇺🇸 is an LA-based writer & stand up comic. She is a contributor for The New Yorker, The Atlantic, The New York Times & is the author of Toxic Femininity in the Workplace: Office Gender Politics Are a Battlefield. www.ginnyhogancomedy.com, Spotify Apple
189. Writer Emily Edwards  🇺🇸 is the host of the popular podcast, F*ck Bois of Lit (FBoL). The show analyzes the toxic characters, writers and tropes of literature & legend. www.fuckboisoflit.com, Spotify Apple
188. Karl Mecklenburg 🇺🇸 is a 6-time Pro Bowler & member of the Denver Broncos ring of fame. Karl chats about life in the NFL, his charity work & the challenges that come with writing a book. www.karlmecklenburg.com Spotify Apple
187. Renee P Washington 🇺🇸 is a talented broadcast journalist who has covered a variety of sports. Renee chats about how being a former athlete has helped prepare her for her journalism career, and how she seeks out new goals to accomplish. www.reneepwashington.com Spotify Apple
Screen Shot 2020-09-10 at 6.24.35 PM
186. Joel John 🇺🇸 is a political candidate for District 4 in the Arizona House of Representatives. Joel chats about his decision to embark on a political campaign, and the hurdles along the way. www.joeljohn.com Spotify Apple
Screen Shot 2020-09-10 at 6.20.42 PM
185. Matthias Dolderer 🇩🇪 is the 2016 Red Bull Air Race Champion. The German pilot chats about his life spent in the clouds, and how he prepares for competitions. www.matthiasdolderer.com Spotify Apple
184. Alysha Newman 🇨🇦 represented Canada in pole vault at the 2016 Olympics. Alysha chats about her college years at The University of Miami, and her routine for the day of an event. Spotify Apple
183. Sam Smith 🇺🇸  is a long time columnist for the Chicago Tribune, and author of the famous book, The Jordan Rules. The book was heavily featured in the new documentary, The Last Dance. Sam chats about his writing career, and the turbulent times that followed the book’s release. Spotify Apple


182. Alison Kervin OBE 🇬🇧 is an accomplished writer from the United Kingdom. Alison was the first female in the UK to become an editor for a national paper and has written over a dozen books. www.alisonkervin.com Spotify Apple 3F8024FD00000578-0-image-m-11_1492907963358
181. James McGrath 🇺🇸 is a competitor on the American Ninja Warrior series. James is one of the most athletically fit individuals in the world, and he chats about how he focuses on functional strength, and what inspired him to compete. Spotify Apple

180. Stacey Copeland 🇬🇧  is a professional boxer & activist from England. On today’s episode Stacey chats about switching from a promising football career to boxing, how she fought back from injuries and why her Pave The Way foundation is important to her life. www.stacey-copeland.co.uk Spotify Apple


179. Dr. Jessica Koehler 🇺🇸  is a leader in the field of psychology and is the founder of the Koehler Academy. In addition to the academy, Dr. Koehler is a frequent contributor to Psychology Today. www.koehleracademy.com Spotify Apple


178. Zorana Arunovic 🇷🇸 has represented Serbia in air pistol shooting at two Olympics. Zorana chats about the challenges that come with competing in two different events and how she keeps her mind mentally sharp for competitions. zoranaarunovic.com. Spotify Apple


177. Nathassia Devine 🇳🇱 is a Dutch-born singer and songwriter. She chats about her newest single, “Change the World,” and how travel has helped with creativity. www.nathassia.com Spotify Apple

176. Emily Cook 🇺🇸 is a three time Olympian in freestyle skiing. Emily chats about her Olympic experiences and how she mentally came back from a severe injury. Spotify Apple
175. Lee Hudson🇺🇸 is back! We catch up Lee as he continues his remote working experience in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Lee chats about the basic ideas behind remote work and how the quarantine has affected his time overseas. Spotify Apple
Screen Shot 2020-08-31 at 3.23.53 PM
174. Shane Loux 🇺🇸 is a former MLB pitcher, and current minor league coach. Shane chats about being drafted, and walking into Yankee Stadium for the first time. Shane also chats about the unique challenges that come with being a coach during a pandemic. Spotify Apple
173. Musa Djiyerian 🇯🇴 is a champion rally racer from Jordan. Musa chats about his love for racing and how he keeps his mind fresh for the long races. Spotify Apple
Screen Shot 2020-08-31 at 3.22.05 PM
172. Inka Cresswell 🇬🇧  is a British underwater filmmaker. Inka’s most recent project, My 25, won the short documentary category at the Bright Rocks Film Festival. Inka chats about My 25, and how she fell in love with the ocean. www.inkacresswell.com Spotify Apple 
Screen Shot 2020-08-31 at 3.20.14 PM

171. Seljan Nasibili 🇦🇿 is an Opera Singer from Azerbaijan. Seljan chats about her newest album, Femmes Fatales: Soprano Heroines of the Orient. Seljan also talks about where she finds creativity, and what makes for a memorable performance. www.seljannasibli.com Spotify Apple


170. Swiss BMX rider Nikita Duccaroz 🇨🇭 stops by to chat about her exciting sport. Nikita talks about the importance of being in the right mindset before she boldly attempts her tricks. Nikita currently has her sights set on the 2021 Tokyo Olympics. Spotify Apple


167. Viktoriia Demi 🇺🇦 is an international concert pianist from the Ukraine. Viktoriia chats about her musical beginnings, and how playing multiple instruments helps her with creativity. Spotify Apple

Screen Shot 2020-08-21 at 1.51.34 PM

166. Adam Asher 🇺🇸  is the creator and host of the award winning travel show, The Edge of Adventure. Adam chats about his blending of adventure & purpose, and why he seeks out to go beyond the status quo. www.adamasher.com Spotify Apple

Screen Shot 2020-08-20 at 10.35.25 AM

165. Champion Rally driver Saeed Almouri 🇸🇦 chats about life in the world’s toughest racing sport. Saeed talks about how he started as a driver and how he stays focused during a race. Spotify Apple


164. Steve Hely 🇺🇸  is the author of several books, including The Wonder Trail, a brilliant and comical account of his journey to South America. Steve has also written for several TV shows, including, Veep, The Office & American Dad. On today’s episode, Steve chats about his time in Latin America and how solo travel has enhanced his life. www.stevehely.com, Spotify Apple


163. Francesca Curran🇺🇸 is a talented actor from Orange Is The New Black & the upcoming movie Seneca. Francesca chats about the confidence needed to chase her dream, and how she has remained creative during this unusual time. Spotify AppleIMG_1795_Facetune_06-03-2020-17-52-42

162. Author Roger Naylor 🇺🇸  is a member of the Arizona Tourism Hall of Fame. Over the years Roger has documented the outdoor beauty of the 48th state with his work appearing in several books and many newspapers & magazines. His newest novel, “Crazy for the Heat” is available now. www.rogernaylor.com Spotify AppleScreen Shot 2020-08-16 at 8.12.06 AM

161. Katie Levick 🇬🇧 was named the 2019 women’s Cricketer of the year by the Guardian. Katie chats about her early years in the sport and what needs to be done to continue the progression of women in the sport. Spotify Apple


160. Thomas Rongen🇳🇱 is one of the most important soccer coaches in US history. Thomas chats about his playing career and his time spent coaching in the MLS and with the US U-20 National Team. Thomas also talks about his experience as the head coach of American Samoa, which is being made into a movie by Taika Waititi. Spotify Apple


159. Jen Ruiz 🇵🇷 is an entrepreneur and talented writer of several travel books. Jen chats about how a travel trip inspired a career change, and her most memorable travel experiences. www.jenonajetplane.com Spotify Apple

Screen Shot 2020-08-13 at 2.51.22 PM
158. Dutch athlete Jalou Langeree 🇳🇱 is a World Champion Kitesurfer. Jalou chats about how her love of the water helped start her career, and how she becomes mentally relaxed when on the water. www.jaloulangeree.com, Spotify Apple
Screen Shot 2020-08-12 at 11.32.12 AM

157. Andy Dennis 🇬🇧 is a brilliant author, philanthropist and adventurer from Yorkshire, England. Andy chats about his philanthropic efforts for Doctors Without Borders, and his book, Behind the Mask. www.andy4msf.com Spotify Apple

Screen Shot 2020-08-11 at 7.46.30 AM

156. Talented director & producer Jonathan Paula 🇺🇸 chats about his life in video production, his innovative years at Emerson College, and what he loves most about being a girldad. Spotify Apple


155. Music professor Dr. Tammy Evans Yonce 🇺🇸 chats about her musical life, her experience as a Fulbright Scholar & time as a professor at South Dakota State. www.tammyevansyonce.com,

Spotify Apple
Screen Shot 2020-08-09 at 2.44.06 PM
154. Patrick Newbill  🇺🇸 from BET’s Copwatch America chats about social inequality. Patrick talks about his mentors and what inspires him to speak out against injustice. Spotify Apple
Screen Shot 2020-08-08 at 10.05.14 AM

153. Chris Williamson 🇺🇸 is a sports anchor for SNY in New York City. Chris chats about his motivations and how being a college athlete helps him as a journalist. Spotify Apple


152. Canadian Goalie Sean Burke 🇨🇦 had a long a successful career spanning 18 seasons in the NHL. Sean chats about his favorite arenas, his memories of the Olympics, and his most memorable experiences with fans. Spotify Apple


151. Calum Neff 🇺🇸 is a 3X Guinness Record Holder runner in several running events. Calum has combined his love of running with his love of being a girldad, and competes in races while pushing a stroller with one of his three daughters. www.neff.run Spotify Apple 

Screen Shot 2020-08-05 at 8.40.51 AM

150. John Timmins 🇺🇸  is a pitcher in the San Francisco Giants organization. John chats about being drafted, how he resets after each pitch, and how he has used the time to become more creative. Spotify Apple 

Screen Shot 2020-08-04 at 11.30.40 AM

149. Kayleigh McKnight 🇬🇧 is a talented performer from the United Kingdom. Kayleigh chats about her experiences in being a featured vocalist on Hugh Jackman’s The Man, The Music, The Show, and her favorite experiences in traveling. www.iamkayleigh.com, Spotify Apple 


148. Nick Winston 🇬🇧 is an acclaimed director & choreographer from England. Nick chats about how movies inspired him, and what drives his creativity. www.nickwinston.com, Spotify Apple 


147. Former professional cyclist Loren Rowney 🇿🇦chats about her time in the sport. Loren talks about her early inspirations and how she overcame some of struggles with mental health. www.lorenrowney.com Spotify Apple

146. Stephanie Bouchard 🇪🇸 chats about her life as a circus performer. Stephanie explains what is going through her mind when she performs balancing tricks, and what she enjoys most about performing. www.stephaniebouchard.org/ Spotify Apple

145. Sports Psychologist Dr. Bhrett McCabe 🇺🇸 chats about how he first became interested in the mental aspects of sports. Dr. McCabe also talks about his time as a member of the powerhouse LSU baseball team. www.themindside.com Spotify Apple

144. Stephanie Klemons 🇺🇸 is an award-winning Broadway performer and choreographer based in New York City. She is the Global Dance Supervisor of Hamilton and was part of the original team that helped Hamilton land a record 16 Tony Nominations. In addition to her work on stage, she is also founder of Katie’s Art Project, a nonprofit that connects children facing life-threatening illnesses with professional artists. www.stephanieklemons.com, www.katiesartproject.org, Spotify Apple
Screen Shot 2020-07-30 at 8.17.35 AM

143. Diane Phelan 🇺🇸 is a performer, director & activist. She has performed in numerous successful on stage productions, including The King and I,  West Side Story, and Oklahoma. In addition to her wonderful career in the arts, Diane is an activist and founder of Unapologetically Asian. www.dianephelan.com Spotify AppleScreen Shot 2020-07-29 at 7.23.37 AM

142. WO Jake Alpert 🇬🇧 is the senior Warrant Officer of the Royal Air Force. Jake joins the show to talk about his philosophies on leadership and service. Spotify Apple70CF9100-EE8C-4B09-B38D92390C09F582_400x400

140 & 141. Author & former CEO of Lonely Planet Daniel Houghton 🇺🇸 stops by for part 1 of a 2 episode interview. Daniel chats about his time at Western Kentucky & his early life traveling as a photographer. Spotify Apple


139. Bruce Donaldson 🇺🇸 is a skilled nature photographer and lover of all things outdoors. Bruce chats about how he first fell in love with Arizona, and what inspired him to start taking photos. Spotify Apple


138. Kelsey Trainor 🇺🇸  is a dynamically skilled attorney in New York City. In addition to her legal career, she has worked in television, has coached college basketball and is a successful sports writer. Spotify Apple


137. Author Derek Brown🇺🇸  chats about his book, Spirits, Sugar, Water, Bitters: How The Cocktail Conquered the World. In today’s conversation Derek chats about the history of the cocktail and some of the most unique drinks he has encountered. Spotify Apple

136. Joydeep Karmakar 🇮🇳 represented India in shooting at the 2012 Olympics. Joydeep chats about the difference between being the bronze medal and fourth place, how he used photography to keep his mind at ease, and about his role as a coach at his shooting academy. www.jksa.in Spotify Apple

135. London based Brad “One Punch” Pickett 🇬🇧 had a long and successful MMA career, and now serves as a coach for Team GB. Brad chats about his memorable fight cards and what he has learned as a coach. Brad will be coaching Nathaniel Wood at UFC Fight Island this Saturday, July 25th. Spotify Apple


134. Tanner Boser 🇨🇦 is a heavyweight MMA fighter in the UFC, with a fight this Saturday, the 25th as part of UFC Fight Island. Tanner chats about his previous bout, and how he trains leading up to an event.Spotify Apple


133. Jason Jordan 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 is a medicinal cannabis advocate in Australia. Jason chats about his diagnosis with MS, and the recovery that occurred when trying medicinal cannabis. www.jasonjordan.com.au Spotify Apple


132. Simon Gerrans 🇦🇺 is a former cyclist from Australia. Simon is a two-time winner of the Australian National Road Race Championship, and 2-time Olympian. Simon chats about some of his favorite courses and the added pressure of wearing the yellow jersey in The Tour de France. Spotify Apple

131. Kevin Beacham 🇺🇸  is an artist manager for Rhymesayers Entertainment, but also holds the titles of writer, DJ & hip hop historian. Kevin chats about his upcoming book and his first introduction into the world of hip hop music. www.rhymesayers.com, Spotify Apple

130. Sam Primack 🇺🇸 is a theatre performer from the United States most recently portraying the title character in the Dear Evan Hansen national tour. Sam chats about how the audition process strengthened his abilities, the mindset needed to be an alternate, and some of his favorite locations in which he performed. Spotify Apple


129. Cleo Stiller 🇺🇸 author of the new book, Modern Manhood, stops by the show to talk about how she is inspired to write, and the importance of balancing the need for confidence. Cleo also chats about some of the dynamic themes and elements from her newest book, Modern Manhood. www.cleostiller.net Spotify Apple


128. Anairis Quinones 🇺🇸 is a talented voice actor from the United States. Anairis chats about landing her dream role and what it is like stepping into the recording booth, which she calls her own pocket universe. www.anairisq.com Spotify Apple

Screen Shot 2020-07-16 at 12.52.38 PM
127. Anna Cavaliero 🇬🇧 is a soprano opera singer based in London. Anna joins the show to chat about her musical beginnings, where she finds creativity & some of her memorable shows. www.annacavaliero.com Spotify Apple
Screen Shot 2020-07-16 at 12.43.44 AM
126. Jesse Iwuji 🇺🇸 is a competitor in the NASCAR truck series, and a former college athlete at the US Naval Academy. Jesse chats about the dedicated mentality that his family helped create, some of his favorite football memories, and how he switched into a racing career. www.jesseiwuji.com Spotify Apple
125. Anna Demis 🇺🇦 is a pianist from Kyiv, Ukraine. She has performed throughout the world and joins the show to talk about her musical beginnings, and some of her favorite performances. www.pianistdubai.com Spotify Apple
Screen Shot 2020-07-14 at 11.47.47 AM

124. Jennifer Kehoe MBE 🇬🇧, is a captain in the British Army, and is a guided skier having competed in the 2018 Paralympics with teammates Menna Fitzpatrick. Jennifer talks about how living in the Swiss Alps changed her life and the challenges that come with being a ski guide. Spotify Apple

123. Brendan Rendall 🇬🇧 is running a marathon every day in July to raise money for the Chester Zoo. Brendan is running a total of 1,204 miles, and the entire time is wearing animal costumes! This is not the first charity run for Brendan as he once ran from coast to coast in Africa. www.brendanrendall.com Spotify Apple
Screen Shot 2020-07-13 at 7.48.04 AM
122. Badminton athlete Aparna Popat 🇮🇳 is a 2-time Olympian, and 9-time National Champion in India. She chats about her experiences in both Olympics, and what is needed to expand women’s participation in athletics. Spotify Apple
121. Raven Hulk Saunders 🇺🇸 represented the United States in shot put at the 2016 Olympics. Raven chats about those games, her time as a collegiate athlete and the importance of having a strong support system. Spotify Apple
120. Kim Huybrechts 🇧🇪 is a Belgian professional darts player. On today’s episode, Kim talks about competing with and against his brother, and some of his most memorable events as a professional. Spotify Apple
119. Martin Frenette 🇨🇦 is a Canadian performer & writer. The talented and daring performer has spent years as an aerial performer with several major companies. Martin chats about his experiences high above the ground, his favorite interactions with fans, and his creative writing career. Spotify AppleFriedrichsbau01

118. Josh Spence is a former MLB pitcher, and was the 29th Australian to play Major League Baseball. Josh chats about making his debut, the mental toughness one needs to be a successful relief pitcher, and his new mentor program, Built Baseball. www.builtbaseball.com Spotify Apple


117. Justine Kish is American MMA athlete competing in the UFC. Justine chats about her first experiences learning Muay Thai, who motivates her, and her most recent win in the octagon. Spotify Applejustinekish

116. Hannah Stratton is a talented actor and singer from Northern Ireland. Hannah chats about her West End debut, her experiences on stage and why “Zombie” is an important song in her life. Spotify Apple


115. Tabarie Henry has represented the US Virgin Islands twice in the Olympics. Tabarie chats about his Olympic experiences, and his new love of coaching. Spotify Apple


114. Haley Daniels is a competitive canoeist with her eyes set on the Tokyo Summer Olympics. Haley chats about the unique training locations around the world, and the steps she takes to sharpen her mental toughness. www.haleydaniels.ca  Spotify Apple

Screen Shot 2020-07-04 at 7.28.34 AM

113. Thanh Le is an American MMA competitor currently fighting on the ONE Championship circuit. Thanh chats about his beginnings in martial arts and how he mentally pushes on during challenging moments. Thanh also provides food & drink recommendations for his home town of New Orleans. Spotify Apple

Screen Shot 2020-07-03 at 8.17.59 AM

112. Venla Hovi is a three-time Finnish Olympian in Ice Hockey. Venla chats about her favorite Olympic memories and how she things differently in her new career as a coach. Spotify Apple

Screen Shot 2020-07-03 at 8.25.07 AM

111. Alexander Hendrickx is a member of the Belgian National Field Hockey team. On today’s episode he chats about the challenges of joining a new team, his favorite memories of the World Cup, and how he gets into the optimal mindset before a match. www.alexanderhendrickx.com Spotify Apple

Screen Shot 2020-07-02 at 6.57.55 AM

110. Taro Daniel is a professional tennis player on the ATP tour. Taro chats about how living in multiple countries has shaped his life, some of his favorite memories of the tour, and the experience of defeating one of the top ranked players in tennis. Spotify Apple

Screen Shot 2020-07-01 at 8.48.25 AM

109. Brejae Washington has a stellar softball career at the University of Texas. Brejae played professional in the states before becoming a sports media fashion designer. Brejae chats about her time at UT, what she learned from her professional teammates, and how she finds creativity for her fashion career. Spotify Apple


108. Daniël Wedemeijer is talented BMX Park cyclist with Red Bull, and has had a creative and successful career in the sport. Daniël talks about how his parents locked up his bike prior hie first contest, how he plans the tricks for each event, and where the idea for his Amsterdam Canal backflip came from. www.danielwedemeijer.nl Spotify Apple


107. NHRA Top Fuel Driver Shawn Langdon joins the show. Shawn chats about how he maintains consistent reactions times, some of his favorite races, and the extra challenges that come with coaching his nephew. NHRA Profile Spotify Apple

Screen Shot 2020-06-29 at 8.27.33 AM

106. Today’s guest is the incredible and dynamic Joshua Spodek. He is a 3X TedX speaker and bestselling author, and holds a Phd in astrophysics and an MBA from Columbia. Joshua has a unique philosophy on life, and has created many simple rules to enable himself to have an optimal life. Joshua shares some of his stories, and describes how he has become an environmental leader. www.joshuaspodek.com Spotify Apple

Screen Shot 2020-06-28 at 8.31.25 AM

105. Amber Leibrock is an MMA fighter from the Bay Area in California. Amber chats about how MMA has transformed her life and some her favorite aspects of training. Spotify Apple


104. Two-time US cross country skier Sadie Bjornsen joins the show. Sadie chats about growing up in skis and how she stays mentally tough through the grueling endurance challenges. http://www.sadiebjornsen.com Spotify Apple


103. Happy Anthony Bourdain Day! Shane Kruchten is a US Military veteran and MMA athlete. Shane chats about taking the leap of faith in starting his athletic career, and how he has powered through his struggles with PTSD. Spotify Apple


102. Rebecca Lafferty is a multi-talented performer from Scotland. Recently, she has been seen in the Bat Out Of Hell musical in the UK, and previously was part of Les Miserables in the West End. Rebecca chats about getting prepared for roles, and her wonderful ability to jump between accents. Spotify Apple


101. It’s hard to pinpoint Dave Cornthwaite‘s actual career, he is a man who does a little bit of everything. He is an author, an adventurer, a public speaker, but most importantly, he is doer. He is a yes man, and he lives by the philosophy that everyone should say yes more often. Dave has created a Yes Tribe in hopes of motivating others to be more active. Dave is currently undertaking Expedition1000, a 12 year plan to undertake 25 one thousand mile journeys using non-motorized transportation. www.davecornthwaite.com Spotify Apple


100. Trevor Dion Nicholas currently is one of the lead performers in the Hamilton UK musical. Previously, Trevor was the Genie, in the Aladdin Musical. Trevor chats about music, performing, and his newest album, Your Fears Will Not Be Soothed. Spotify Apple

Screen Shot 2020-06-23 at 9.28.07 AM

99. Dr. Anna Kennedy OBE is an educator and founder of the Anna Kennedy Online charity program. Anna has created two schools to support individuals with autism disorders, and has provided resources and education to families around the world. For her charitable works, she was appointed an OBE in 2012. www.annakennedyonline.com Spotify Apple


98. Jenny Duncalf played Squash professionally for an amazing 20 years. Jenny chats about how she physically endured the challenges, and the mental toughness needed in order to succeed. Spotify Apple

Screen Shot 2020-06-21 at 1.02.52 PM

95. Komal Uzair is only the second woman from Pakistan to summit the 7,000 meter Spantik Peak. Komal chats about the importance of inspiring more women from Pakistan to seek out sporting and adventure opportunities. Komal also shares the story of her unique self talk that helped her reach the summit. Spotify Apple

Screen Shot 2020-06-19 at 8.24.40 AM

94. Mauricio Nader is one of the most accomplished musical performers from Mexico. The concert pianist talks about his early musical education, some of his favorite performances, and the amazing honor of being featured on a stamp! www.mauricionader.net Spotify Apple

Screen Shot 2020-06-18 at 11.24.12 AM

93. Ash Alexander-Cooper OBE is a former specialist in the British Special Forces, served an astounding 82 months deployed. He is a leadership and resilience expert, and has worked with Fortune 10 & FTSE companies. Spotify Apple

Screen Shot 2020-06-17 at 11.52.01 AM

92. Cheryl Bernard is one of the most successful curlers in Canadian history. She chats about her experiences in two separate Olympic games, her charity work, and her transition into the broadcast booth. www.cherylbernard.com, Spotify Apple

Screen Shot 2020-06-16 at 7.23.04 AM

91. Cathy O’Dowd is a climber, author and public speaker. She was the first woman to summit Mt. Everest from both the north and south routes. Cathy has been seeking out opportunities for adventure throughout her entire life, and constantly looks for the unexpected. www.cathyodowd.com, Spotify Apple

Screen Shot 2020-06-16 at 7.13.34 AM

90. Endurance adventurer Charlie Walker talks about his inspirations for travel. Charlie has traveled several endurance trips, including 43,000 mile bike ride across Europe, Asia & Africa, and a 1,000 mile walk across the Gobi desert. www.cwexplore.com Spotify Apple


89. Dr. Jenny Rankin is a Fulbright Specialist for the US Department of State, has delivered almost 200 keynote presentations, and is the author of several books. Dr. Rankin chats about her educational career, and the process that goes into writing a new book. www.jennyrankin.com Spotify Apple


88. Neha Aggarwal – Neha Aggarwal, the first female table tennis from India. Neha talks about the 2018 Olympics, her time studying at Columbia, and her desire to help India increase their amount of athletes performing in the Olympics.  Spotify Apple


87. Collegiate ski coach Adam Verrier returns to the show! Adam talks about how technology has enhanced cross country skiing and some of the challenges with making sure the athletes do not overtrain. Spotify Apple


86. Author Chip Walter‘s new book, Immortality, Inc, explores the science behind our quest for immortality. Chip has had a stellar career creating screenplays, writing nonfiction & producing documentaries. Chip is incredibly intelligent, and has a unique & diverse background. On today’s show he talks about his new book, what he enjoyed about screenplay writing, and his time as one of the earliest producers at CNN. www.chipwalter.com Spotify Apple


85. After suffering a spinal cord injury, RAF airman Luke Delahunty turned to several new types of sports, such as hand bike and indoor rowing. Luke has participated in several Invictus Games and is a successful public speaker. Spotify Apple


84. Sian Rogers, a goalkeeper for Aston Villa joins the show. Sian talks about the added pressure of being a keeper, how the national team inspired her, and some of her early motivations in the sport.  www.avfc.co.uk Spotify Apple


83. Kadryr Toktogulov was the former Kyrgyzstan ambassador to the US & Canada. Kadyr chats about his interesting life as an ambassador, how the Soviet Space program influenced his career, and what the top food choices are for Bishkek. Spotify Apple 


82. Nuraini Arsad is an environmental scientist & writer from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Nuraini helps explain carbon footprints, gives helpful sustainable travel recommendations & talks about some of the best places in Malaysia to visit. www.tejaonthehorizon.com Spotify Apple


81. The acting career of  Gordon Griffin, M.B.E. began in the 1960’s, and he has appeared on may television shows and movies. Gordon has found a second and successful career by recording over 900 audiobooks. To top that off, for years his charming voice was featured in the London Underground, as he welcomed you to different stations, and pleasantly cautioned you to “Mind The Gap, Please”. www.gordongriffin.com Spotify Apple

Screen Shot 2020-06-08 at 9.33.04 AM

80. Jamilah Muhammad is a journalist for Spectrum News Kentucky. Jamilah chats about her time at Ohio State University, some of the challenges that come with her career, and where she finds creativity. Spotify Apple 0816_ky_Jamilah_Muhammad

79. Camille Herron has several Ultra world records, including most miles run in 12 & 24 hours. Camille talks about the differences between closed and open races, how music helps her run, and about her Ultra coaching.  www.camilleherron.com Spotify AppleScreen Shot 2020-06-06 at 5.34.41 PM

78. Charles Ward is a former professional basketball player, playing in several leagues around the world. Charles chats about life as a professional, including some of the unique courts and leagues he played in, and how he adjusted to new teams. Spotify Apple

Screen Shot 2020-06-06 at 5.30.16 PM

77. Karts & Lolo stop by to chat about their upcoming record breaking Yukon2020 expedition. The adventurous duo will trek all 2,000 miles of the Yukon river during their 60 day journey. Karts & Lolo chat about where the idea came from, how they plan to leave no trace, and how they have been preparing mentally and physically. www.yukon2020.com Spotify Apple

Karts and Lauren Boulder Canyon 09

76. Gina Lewandowski is a midfielder for Sky Blue FC. Following a successful career at Lehigh University, Gina played for 12 years in Germany, spreading time between FFC Frankfurt, and Bayern Munich. Gina chats about having the confidence to move overseas, some of her favorite memories of Germany, and how her training has changed, allowing her to continue her career back in the US. Spotify Apple

Screen Shot 2020-06-05 at 8.59.23 AM

75. Mark Eglinton is a successful writer from Scotland. Mark primarily has focused on biographies and recently his newest book Reboot, a co-write with football legend Michael Owen, was named as a finalist for the Daily Telegraph 2020 Sports Book Awards selection of best autobiography. Mark on Amazon  Spotify Apple


74. Professional stunt pilot Patty Wagstaff drops by to talk about an early crash helped motivate her as am aviator. Patty also discusses how stunt piloting opened up new opportunities around the world. www.pattywagstaff.com Spotify Apple

73. Pulitzer Prize winning author Dionne Searcey chats about her memoir, In Pursuit of Disobedient Women. Searcey, a writer for the NY Times, was the 2015 West Africa bureau chief and reported on Boko Haram. Searcey talks about the challenges she faced in Africa and why she favors unconventional situations. https://www.nytimes.com/by/dionne-searcey Spotify Apple

72. Kristin Marushka talks about her life as a fitness competitor. Kristin talks about the process show preparation and her role of coaching others to reach their fitness goals. Spotify Apple

Screen Shot 2020-05-31 at 7.05.10 PM

71. Travel writer & photographer Heather Wharram describes her exploration project. A website devoted to the beautiful outdoors of Canada. Heather explores dynamic spots in nature, and takes gorgeous photographs along the way. https://explorationproject.org Spotify Apple

Screen Shot 2020-05-31 at 7.04.25 PM

70. Chuck Wichert is long time air traffic controller in Washington DC. Chuck chats about some of this experiences in the US capital, as well as some of his other postings, including time spent in Japan & Dubai. Spotify Apple


69. Jordan Clark, an all-rounder from the Surrey County Cricket Club joins the show. Jordan chats about how he stays mentally & physical ready, what is like playing in Australia, and how it feels to be part of the storied Surrey club. Spotify Apple


68. At the 2018 NCAA track & Field championships, Kendall Ellis rose to fame by running an astonishing come from behind anchor leg to vault USC into the team title. Kendall has also won gold in the 4X4 at the World Championships and has her sights set on the next summer Olympics. Spotify Appletumblr_0c8752e3004a6751e8a0a6f1e70588da_97ab2e62_1280

67. Nicholas McCarthy is an international concert pianist, and a graduate of the Royal College of Music in London. Nicholas has performed in concert halls around the world, despite having been born with only one hand. He is a talented and inspirational musician, who has also become a successful public speaker. http://nicholasmccarthy.co.uk Spotify Apple


66. Amanda Busick is a multi-talented journalist covering the NHRA on Fox Sports. During her prolific career, Amanda has worked with a wide variety of sports, and on today’s episode Amanda chats about the challenges that come with studio shows recorded on location, how she uses curiosity to her advantage, and the boundless wonders of ranch dressing. https://www.amandabusick.com Spotify Apple

Screen Shot 2020-05-26 at 7.48.24 AM

65. Lysanne Richard has one of the most interesting and adventurous lives of anyone on Earth. Lysanne, is a professional cliff diver in the Red Bull circuit. Prior to that, Lysanne was a performer with several circus companies, including Cirque du Soleil. In today’s remarkable episode, Lysanne chats about her life and the unique mindset that she has created to be an artistic & successful performer.  www.lysannerichard.com Spotify Apple

Screen Shot 2020-05-25 at 6.41.53 AM

64. Kelly Collins is half of the creative spirit behind Sissfit, a fitness brand created to inspire, empower and educate individuals to lead stronger more fit lives. Kelly started the business with her sister, and in today’s episode Kelly talks about the challenges that come with starting a new company. Kelly talks about the vision that started it all, as well as the difficulties in creating a phone app. http://www.sissfit.com Spotify Apple

Screen Shot 2020-05-24 at 7.16.07 AM

63. Travel writer Stephanie Micallef joins the show to talk about growing up in the wonderful, yet small country of Malta. Stephanie give us her top locations to visit, as well as some of the top food Maltese food choices. https://livinlikestef.com Spotify Apple 

Screen Shot 2020-05-24 at 7.18.41 AM

62. New York Times bestselling author Marc Cameron joins the show. Marc, is the author of several different series, including taking over the Jack Ryan – Tom Clancy thrillers. Marc’s newest book is Stonecross. marccameronbooks.com Spotify Apple 


61. Tremendous episode featuring aviation safety investigator, David Gleave. David talks about his unique career, and the accuracy of airline crash investigations. David recounts one exceptional tale of a runway closure, along with some of the many challenges that come with his profession. Spotify Apple 


60. Michael Goldschlager is a successful concert cellist from New York City, now residing in Australia. Michael chats about what his thoughts are while performing, why he chose the cello, and how he uses meditation in his daily life. Spotify Apple 


59. Acclaimed theatre director, Laurence Connor from London, joins Any Given Runway. Some of Laurence’s directing credits include, School of Rock, Joseph, Miss Saigon, Les Mis & Phantom of The Opera. Laurence led the production of the 25th Anniversary show of Phantom at the Royal Albert Hall. www.laurenceconnor.co.uk  Spotify Apple 



58. Kestin Howard, a voice over actor, joins the show to talk about his interesting career. Kestin chats about how he fell into the career, what makes for a memorable voice, and the work that goes in the preparation for each character. Spotify Apple

Screen Shot 2020-05-19 at 9.47.40 AM

57. Corinne Hall is an all-rounder for the Hobart Hurricanes. Corinne drops by the show to talk about how it feels to watch women’s cricket grow, how her training has changed over the years, and finally, Corinna talks about her unique artistic project. Spotify Apple


56. Andrea Watson, a journalist from Atlanta, joins the show. Andrea chats about the confidence needed to move to a new city, how she fosters trust, and what she loves about Atlanta. Spotify Apple

Screen Shot 2020-05-17 at 12.18.34 PM

55. Bella from Passport & Pixels is a travel photographer and writer. She joins the show to talk about her recent trip to Antarctica as well as some of her other incredible trips. Spotify Apple


54. Film director, screenwriter, and producer Zack Bornstein joins the show. Zack has created content for Saturday Night Live, Jimmy Kimmel Live & Comedy Central. Spotify Apple


53. Kyle Waddell represented Team GB in Curling at the 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea. Kyle joins the show to talk about his life, and what makes Curling such a wonderful sport. Spotify AppleKyle+Waddell+Curling+Winter+Olympics+Day+12+PZXDzCAbbQml

52. While in high school, Mona Dixon was homeless, and stumbled upon the Boys & Girls Club as a way to find success. Less than 4 years later Mona was being honored in the Oval Office for being the National Youth of the Year. A tremendous story that will inspire all. Spotify Apple

Screen Shot 2020-05-13 at 12.40.41 PM

51.Talented Scottish performer Kelly Mathieson is currently in the role of of Christine Daaé in the Phantom of The Opera in London. Kelly chats about the pressure of performing such an iconic role, where she found inspiration while in Vienna, and how she is staying upbeat during this difficult time. Spotify Apple


50. Paul Germinaro has been a leader of young men for the last two decades. As a football coach, he shares his philosophies on motivation and caring about others. Spotify Apple


49. To call Andy Torbet an adventurer would be an understatement. Andy spent 10 years in the British Special Forces, specializing as a paratrooper and served in the underwater bomb disposal unit. Andy is a professional skydiver, deep sea diver & accomplished climber. Andy has been featured on the BBC, and Fully Charged on Youtube. Spotify Apple

Screen Shot 2020-05-10 at 6.39.39 PM

48. Samantha Achterberg is the US representative for the Modern Pentathlon in the Tokyo Summer Olympics. Samantha chats about the unique events in her sport, her success at the Pan Am games, and how she has remained positive while her Olympic dream is on hold. Spotify Apple


47. Holly Budge is an adventure photographer from the UK. She is the first woman to Skydive Everest, and is a summiteer of the mountain as well! She is a public speaker and has also founded How Many Elephants, which raises awareness of the African Elephant crisis. Spotify Apple


46. Adam Milstead, is an MMA fighter from Pittsburgh. Adam joins the show to talk about his thrilling fights in the UFC, what inspired his MMA journey, and his love for the outdoors. Spotify Apple

MMA: UFC Fight Night-De La Rocha vs Milstead

45. Manchester’s Finn Christo rowed across the Atlantic Ocean in 2013. Finn joins the show to talk about this incredible athletic feat of endurance. In the conversation, Finn chats about some of the challenges he faced, along with some of his fondest memories. Spotify Apple


44. Michele Smith has had quite the legendary career in softball, beginning with a storied collegiate career at Oklahoma State, followed by two Olympics, and culminating with a 16 year professional career in Japan. Currently, Michele also has had a remarkable career in the broadcast booth, where she currently serves as the lead softball analyst at ESPN. Spotify Itunes


43. Charlene Bourlon is a talented journalist from Paris, who covers rugby all around the world. Charlene talks about some of her experiences with the sport, and some of the things she has learned from travel. Spotify Itunes


42. Maryam Raya, an international concert pianist chats about her career in music. She talks about her musical upbringing, how she uses adrenaline to help her rehearsals & how English literature has helped her as a musician. Spotify ItunesPress_Photo

41. Jazmine Fenlator-Victorian, a, dual citizen, has represented both Jamaica & the United States in bobsleigh at the Winter Olympics. She celebrates her diversity, and wants others to do the same. Jazmine was a member of the first women’s bobsled team for Jamaica, and has played an important role in the development of the women’s team in Jamaica. Spotify Itunes


40. Shawn Best II, a professional bull rider talks about how he mentally prepares himself for his dangerous profession. Shawn also chats about some of his successes and his love of horses. Spotify Itunes


39. In the 1992 Summer Olympics in Barcelona, Derek Redmond epitomized the meaning of Olympic spirit. During the semifinals of the 400m, Derek severely tore his hamstring, knocking him to the track. Determined to finish, Derek hobbled the rest of the race on one foot. With a 100 meters left, his dad raced from the stands to assist Derek, creating an indelible image that would live on in perpetuity.  Spotify Apple


38. Sarah Hagen a former professional footballer with Bayern Munich, FC Kansas City & the Orlando Pride. Sarah chats about her professional career, her time with the Women’s National Team and how she overcame cancer while in high school. Spotify Apple

VfL Wolfsburg v FC Bayern Muenchen - Women's Bundesliga

37. Erik Hightower, a paralympic athlete from the United States joins the show. Erik talks about his athletic career, how he first started racing and his love for cars. Spotify Itunes


36. Stunt & Drift Driver Michelle Westby talks about her exciting career behind the wheel. Michelle chats about some of her memorable days traveling the world performing car stunts & drifting. Spotify Itunes


35. Muneesh Jain stops by the show to talk about how baseball saved his life. During a prolonged period of depression, Muneesh used baseball as a reason to get out of bed and get moving. Muneesh traveled around the US to visit all 30 MLB parks in 3 months. Spotify Itunes


Ep. 34 – Dual citizen & professional car racer Dion von Moltke joins the show. Dion talks about the physical toll racing takes, some of his favorite tracks, and about his new role as a coach. Spotify Itunes


Ep. 33 -Megan Cranley recently returned from her Peace Corps assignment in Indonesia. Megan talks about her experiences teaching English, some of her favorite parts of Indonesia, and what it was like hearing that her two year commitment was going to end early. Spotify Itunes


Ep 32 – Tanya Cracknell, better known as the Grime Violinst joins the show. Tanya, talks about her musical influences, the process of making an album, and what it was like performing at the legendary Glastonbury festival. Spotify


Ep. 31 – Kaya Wolsey, a ballerina with the Aspen Santa Fe Ballet, joins the show. Kaya chats about the differences in classical and contemporary dance, the stress of auditions, and how she channels creativity. Spotify


Ep. 30 – South African native Stuart Mann has completed an unfathomable 241 marathons and 70 ultramarathons! His current goal is to complete every marathon available in South Africa. Stuart talks about his love for running and some of his favorite races. Spotify



Ep. 29 – Imagine working on an airport tarmac in the brutal Phoenix heat. Despite the soaring temperatures, Darian Barraza loves his career, and uses the opportunity to travel around the world. Spotify



Ep. 28 – Maria Ines Teixeira speaks 5 languages and has created a website to assist in language learning. Maria talks about the challenges and benefits of learning languages for episode 28. Spotify



Ep. 27 – Yacine gave up his traditional life to travel the world. Not fit for the caged corporate world in the United States he went south to Mexico & Nicaragua. He ended up in Bali, Indonesia, and made beach life his new home. Yacine describes why he made this choice, and talks about the unique experiences he found along the way.



Ep. 26 – Moushami Robinson won a Gold medal in the 2004 Summer Olympic Games in Athens. She joins the show to talk about that experience, her memorable days at the University of Texas, and her new career in education! Spotify

Ep. 25 – Multi-talented performer Lara Martins (Ep. 25) has traveled the world as a performer, and for a record six years she held the role of Carlotta, in the The Phantom of the Opera. Lara chats about performing the iconic role, the challenges that come with auditions, and some of her favorite places in Portugal.  Spotify

Phantom of the Opera, London, 2013, Credit: Johan Persson
Phantom of the Opera, London, 2013, Credit: Johan Persson

Ep. 24 – Nicole Della Monica is the 5-time Italian National defending champion in pair figure skating. On top of that, she has represented Italy an astonishing three times at the Winter Olympics. Nicole stops by to talk about how she stays motivated, some of her favorite Olympic moments, and how she chooses her performance songs. Spotify

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