Curiosity: Learning from the scholars around us by Randell Carlton Green

Curiosity celebrates the knowledge that strangers have to offer. Everyone has unique expertise, and endless wisdom awaits the perpetually curious. Featuring 200 interviews from the Any Given Runway show, Curiosity explores the diverse lives of athletes, adventurers & performers. From daring adventures across the Atlantic, to unforgettable performances in the West End, Curiosity celebrates the sophisticated thing we call life. Everyone has a story, each person a scholar.

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Smart & Solo: The blueprint for efficient and enjoyable solo travel by Randell Carlton Green

Smart & Soloย is available on Amazon,ย here!

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Ready to take your first trip alone? Smart & Solo is the blueprint for all solo travelers ready to conquer new experiences. Smart & Solo discusses why solo travel is beneficial to everyone, and provides insights & tips on how to plan your next solitary adventure. Discover ideas on how to maximize transportation & lodging choices, along with advice on how to leave the smallest footprint. Learn how to emphasize following the Emerald Rule, practicing proper safety, and how to meet fellow like-minded solo travelers. Traveling promotes individual advancement that can’t be found in other activities. Smart & Solo is the comprehensive guide for anyone ready to take the next steps towards personal growth through traveling curiosity.

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