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Prior to a flight, all passengers hopelessly pine for a seat upgrade. We all long for a seat with extra leg room, or perhaps the exit row. A seat towards the front? Sure, we will take that. With each potential seat, we quickly concoct a story that emphasizes why were are the top choices. Typically, are dreams are for naught, and seat upgrades come and go without our selection, however, one woman recently took steps to tilt the scale in her favor.

On a recent American Eagle flight from Pensacola, Florida, a woman complained of an illness with hopes of a new seat. Once caught in a lie, one can stop and admit defeat, or double down and go all in. This passenger decided she would continue her erratic behavior, in order to really sell her ailments, going as far as exclaiming difficulties with breathing.

Erratic flight behavior affects everyone on the plane, not just the guilty parties. The flight was forced to turn back to Pensacola upon captain’s orders.

Upon landing, everyone left the plane, except the pseudo-sick woman. Instead, she argued with the airline staff until she finally admitted that she had faked her illness. She was not on board the replacement flight and may face charges.


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