Record CO2 levels

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Photo: Douglas Sacha via Getty Images

Increasing global temperatures, drastic glacier melting, and plastic waste found at the deepest ocean trench on the planet. Earth’s health is trending in a negative direction, but through various selfish reasons, society has yet to fully agree on the impending situation. Crisis, is the polite way to assess our future, however doom is the more accurate description.

Once again, a horrifying new scientific discovery has proven that our planet is minutes to midnight. According to the The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, during May, our planet reached record breaking highs in the amount of carbon dioxide present in the atmosphere, a harrowing 414.8 ppm (parts per minute). This number is the highest amount of C02 ever recorded, a devastating admission that our climate change actions have not been enough to slow down this negative trend. CO2 has an extremely long shelf life, meaning that increasing numbers are not going anywhere soon.

Ride your bike, take the bus, plant a tree. This is your only planet, accept and understand this emergency. There is no alternative.

-RCG 6.4.19

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